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Our team of developers and designers have been building and redesigning websites of all descriptions from one page contact details to 100k plus ecommerce shops.

With an in depth understanding of the changing online behaviours of internet users and the expert knowledge of search engine optimisation SEO and search engine marketing.

Social media has become a major part of the web and our lives your website can be integrated with these.

We can host your site and so provide a one stop shop.

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Recent Projects.

  • Magento - Theme Update Upgrade
  • Client upgrading magento version requested custom theme to be rebuilt to new version and HTML5 and code structure cleaned up. HTML5 Powered with Connectivity / Realtime, CSS3 / Styling, Device Access, Graphics, 3D & Effects, Multimedia, Performance & Integration, Semantics, and Offline & Storage
  • Magento - EU Cookie Policy
  • EU cookie policy compliance integration into magneto 1.4 and 1.6 sites to bring site's in line with EU legislation. Now 0n 1.9 versions ICO Information Commissioners Office - EU cookie law (e-Privacy Directive)
  • Magento - Website Auto Update Alert
  • Scripts to auto update magento website and to Iphone iPad app to alert if any errors occur. The package also included control option so website can be updated automaticly from iphone or ipad.
  • Magento - XML based search to reduce server load.
  • Mageto - Sphinx search integration.
  • Magento - Fast reindex.
  • html code snippet - Image Scroll Slideshow jquery
  • Client request simple supply code only for home page slide show that could be deployed themselves using their own images.
  • See
  • Joomla - Theme Module Website Design
  • Supply design theme only in module format based on clients requested and incorporating client's images and ideas ready to be populated by client.